I maintain that  the canceled television show “To Catch A Predator” was the best (reality) show on the air. Watching scum (or those who just look of trouble) suffer, is one of my favorite past times. This is the same reason I love watching the whites breaking their legs off at the ankle on skate boards, dirt bikes, etc. Only, of course, to have their howls of pain and anguish answered by their good friends with “dude, are you alright?” It just never, ever, ever, ever, gets old. Did I mention that it never gets old?

Well, with the onset of one of my other favorite past times, the start of football season, this story that was sent to me seems appropriate . Yet another sting operation was put into affect to catch dead-beat dads. You know those guys. They woo the homely shut-in that lives in the apartment in the back of the building on their street. Or in common parlance, they fucked the fat ho on the corner. Yeah, that guy. Well, they seemed to forget that ho’s need love too. This is why they have these babies, so that when the afore mentioned scum, sneaks out at about 1:37 AM in the morning, there will be someone left to love them. A sad cycle, but a cycle none the less.

Now, normally I don’t use obvious pictures when I’m on a rant, but it was this picture that made me write about this fairly common crime.

Suspects Lured Free Tickets

If you look closely at this picture, you will notice the look of  pure joy in this individuals face.This is James Johnson. No doubt it is similar to the look he had  on his face as he was unleashing his load inside of poor fatty Patty (couldn’t think of a name to rhyme with ugly). However at the time of this photo, Johnson  just walked into an office with ballons and music blasting, to celebrate his winning of football ticket to the Iron Bowl in Alabama. Coincidentally, this is the same look I had on my face when I watched the video of them arresting Johnson for owing more than $30,000 in child support. I’m laughing now as I write this,LOL!

The reprobate who were arrested that day, owed more than $270,000 worth of child support. If the look of shock and disappointment on Johnson’s face is an indicator as to how the rest of these worthless bastards felt, I might have torn my spleen right out of my body with laughter had I seen the rest of them. Now, for all of you degenerate scum who have littered the land with your bastard children, and are reading this now (I don’t discriminate), I know it takes two to tango. Whats more, a handful of you might have been duped at the abortion clinic, or had your condoms tampered with, or assumed that “she can’t get pregnant because “Snooky” is a ho, and she’s not pregnant”. All that taken into consideration, you may not owe that bitch a penny. But you still owe the little bastard you made. You may not be able to buy love, but babies are too young to know that.

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