The record entitled “Young G” by KnightPKF, Ice T’s newest artist, brings hip hop back to its original standing where artists used their lyrical talent to convey the realness of situations they’ve been through, situations that numerous listeners can relate to. In the song itself, KnightPKF states “rappers want to talk about model after model, they don’t talk about their mothers drinking bottle after bottle,” referring to the stereotypical songs we may hear today. This is what sets KnightPKF apart from upcoming rappers — he doesn’t fit the stereotype that we’re used to hearing on the radio or seeing on television. In the video for “Young G” you can see that KnightPKF is passionate not only about music and making a way for himself, but he’s passionate to pave a road for everyone to gain a different perspective and mindset about life and making a way for themselves as well. With the raw and real lyrical content of this record, there’s no denying that KnightPKF is a Young G who is striving to make things better all around him.

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