Presents “IGGY AZALEA” the Australian BombShell! On some G shit, baby girl is fine, I mean pretty face, little waist, tall, with a fat Ass (All Natural) no butt shots. Now that we have described the physical aspect of her persona, her RAPP skills are bananas. Her flow is old school taught, new school sought, and genuinely rhythmic with a delivery only greats can create. Most importantly, her personality is one of a buddist monk, oh so humble and lovable until she touches a mic. Than all hell breaks lose, like a Kung Fu monk protecting the Sholin Temple, as the crowd chants “AZALIANS” over and over again. She gives so much love to her fans, that it seemed surreal, as she dives into the crowd numerous times and they carry and support her frame. The audience was electrified, and knew every word to every song, now that’s fuckin insane! She laid on the stage and took Instagram pics with numerous fans, as they shot the pics with their cell phones like professional photographers. It was one of the best crowd pleasing shows I have witnessed in years. I predict, she will snatch up all of Nikki Minajs money spending teenage girls, from under her nose, in record time. She will win several awards,  get  untold sponsorship, a car deal like Eminem, and take the Fashion world by storm with her to die for shape. We love IGGY, because she spits real hiphop shit, with no apologies and no chaser. Unlike our other female rapper, who appears to be a space cadet, 90% of the time, saying shit that makes no damn sense. I refuse to play along when I know the music is trash, and pay-o-la is the reason half that garbage got on the radio from the start. Thank God for Iggy, a female rapper, spiting real HIPHOP, like a New York Rapper, with a dash of AZALIAN!

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