I think it is safe to say Jay-Z can retire from music at this point and at his age. With his business ventures with the Brooklyn Nets and Roc-a-Wear clothing line in addition to managing his artists such as Rihanna, J.Cole and Rita Ora, he will get plenty of money in the bank. With now 12 studio albums including his recent collaboration album with Kanye, he could retire with all of the continued success he will have even after he decides to stop rapping. I won’t knock him for the projects he created in the beginning of his career (with Reasonable Doubt as my all time favorite album from him), but it’s time for his curtain to close. As a father and husband, he should now dedicate his time to his family aside from his business ventures. With his false pretense from the past stating that The Black Album would be in fact his last album right before retirement, we knew it was all too good to be true as he came out three years later with Kingdom Come. With him and Kanye doing a second Watch the Throne album, this should be his last one. When will he finally decide to put the mic down even at age 42? I hope the next time he makes a public announcement that when he does go into retirement, he will actually mean it and make room for the more important things in his life.

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