Okay so seriously folks, someone has to put an end to the whole “It’s Complicated” relationship statuses.  What the hell is so complicated about knowing whether or not someone wants to be in a relationship with you?  I mean, get it together!  You know what kills me the most?  When you see a friend on Facebook who makes it very clear that they’re in a relationship (default photo of them boo’d up, screen name reads “HizBoo” or “HizWifey,” dozens of “I love you babii!” posts on their page) and it is evident when you go to the info section, she is clearly “In a relationship with ____.”  Now this is the kicker right here…this is what makes me screw my face up every time like, “have you even questioned this shit??”  When you click on his link, his shit is clear as day: No relationship status present. What is he looking for?  Friends.  The only thing that you see under his info is his location and that he is a male.  Why the hell is it that your girl is so proud to claim your ass and basically kill all potential relationships with a good dude, all to show her dedication to you?

Ladies, what’s your input on this situation?  I know you’ve seen it time and time again because as we all know, Facebook is like the pit of the devil’s stomach…nothing but bad shit comes out of it.  Relationships have been swallowed and shitted out on a daily basis and due to folks growing Wonder Woman courage, fights have been stirred up with post after post of chicks exposing one another over a dude that ain’t worth shit.  Are you serious?  Why do people even put their business out there like that?  And then what trips me out even more is that not only do they tell every damn thing, but even their half naked pictures speak for itself.  How the hell are you going to have photos of you damn near naked with your supervisor as a friend?  I mean, come on now.  I can understand co-workers that you’re close with – yeah, that’s risky but okay.  You’re supervisor though?  You may think she’s cool with you but let you piss her off…you’ll see how cool you two really are.

My point people is, don’t go putting up no dumb ass “It’s Complicated” if you cannot deal with the ups and downs that come with being in a relationship.  If your relationship is fucked up, keep it to yourself or go to counseling if its’ worth saving.  But please do away with that stupid status.  All it says is “Hey, look at me.  I don’t know if me and my man/woman are going to make it so if you approach me now while I’m down and out, I may use you as a rebound piece or just fuck you to make him/her mad when they decide that I am asking for too much attention!”  Get for real…seriously.

~Ms. ClassyOvaTrashy~

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