jennifer lopez divorceOriginally known for her FLY GIRL MOVES– dancer, singer, actress and most recently American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez has called the seven years with husband, Marc Anthony quits! Reportedly, the Idol judge was ‘holding on’ for the kids and did not want to ‘fail’ her family.

“He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy,” says a source.

According to insiders, the more successful J-LO got…especially with Idol — the more jealous her husband got. Instead of being supportive of his wife’s success– Anthony shot insults at her. “He likes her to dress in a demure, ‘ typical wife’ style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol.” According to a recent interview, Marc Anthony’s raging jealousy over Jennifer Lopez’s career, his compulsion to control everything from her business endeavors and even her famous wardrobe, and, according to multiple sources, at least one extra-marital affair in 2009.

Despite her ultra-glamorous, ultra-confident persona in the public eye, “Lopez is actually not much different from other women when it comes to self-esteem issues,” one pal explains. “And Marc really played into that insecurity. That’s why she put up with his abuse for such a long time.”
Dang J-Lo– we know you wanted your marriage to succeed, but to get played by the “the wet lookin’ chiwawa” is definitely not a good look ma! We ain’t mad at you though!! You had 7 great years to lay low– now we gonna’ need you to claim your swag and get back to ‘the block!’
Oh and we’re gonna’ need you to change your name back too! Oh wait, we never did call you Jennifer Anthony did we?
Now, “Ain’t that Funny?”

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