brings you the Exclusive on HipHop-Rock, a new genre of Hip Hop music..!  A new form of HipHop music and Culture thats knocking the doors down, and kicking them Innnn…!  It’s the natural evolution of HipHop, with new sounds, stage shows, Artist, and I mean real Artist, that actually live for the music, and they love being themselves.

J. MELLO says ” My dad co-founded Kool and the Gang and my mom sang back-up in the band. But, while fans across the world enjoyed the sounds of the drum kicks and snares underneath his guitar licks, back at home I enjoyed the licks from his guitar strings. And the kicks lack the drum and the snares became hallow.

On my album, The Boy Named Nothing, I try to bring together pop, hip-hop and rock because I love them all equally. I like to call it Melodic Rock! But you can call it…good music!

When I was in jail, other inmates would tell me, “You shouldn’t be here. You actually have a gift.” So much so, the warden would have me battle all the other rappers in the unit just to keep me out of trouble. I beat ‘em all, of course. I wrote all the time in jail and when I was released – “BAMMM” 20 tracks recorded like it was nothing! I wasn’t thinking of getting a deal or anything like that. I just realized that music was the vehicle for me to work out all these issues bubbling inside my head. “

No more cookie cutter artist created by some sorry ass label, from a time long since gone, LMFAO, and they haven’t even realized it yet..!

For years, the same old drug dealer, sorry ass songs, have been forced on us and down our throats.  Which have keep us trapped in a fake ass world of make believe gangsters. Niggas with the police as bodyguards,  that never sold a drug in their life, and if they did, they were shitty at it.. That’s why they started rappin, lol.. The Sorriest of them all, are those fuck boys, that were the police, and now their stealing real gangsters names are the stories of their lives. is elevating Hip Hop Culture back from the gutter, and putting an end to those other garbage, fake hip hop sites.

New York City, and the world as our witness…!   HipHopWorld.Com has arrived, prepare for the revolution, it will be televised ! The return of the even playing field…!

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Artist: J. Mello

About A. Griffin:
HIPHOPWORLD.COM is a Multi-Media Conglomerate, specializing in Internet Broadcasting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing, Music, and Film Production. Our mission is to provide the un-signed, ignored, and unknown talented artist the opportunity to succeed. We are a service provider for the Hip Hop World community. Hip Hop World will educate, prepare, promote, market, produce, film, and package new and existing artist. We will provide the resources, and platform giving artist the opportunity to enter the world stage.

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