Time To Release The Kraken!

Nothing gets you out of a good, deep sleep, like the sound of a society fracturing into a pile of rubble. My coma-like meditation was obliterated because one of my friends passed along a story they found online. It seems that the so called “subjective” nature of art has risen (or sunk) to a whole new level. James Franco, accomplished actor (and second banana in a string of hit movies), has teamed up with two siblings . . . or lovers . . . or sibling lovers, Brainard and Delia Carey. Together they have launched MONA, a new art museum presenting the latest in modern and contemporary art. Why am I writing about this you ask? Well because all of the artwork is invisible!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing in this museum except a little card where each art piece should be, which explains what you  should be seeing, if there was anything to see.The only other things in the museum, are the snakeoil salesmen selling this crap, and the suckers who come to be duped. You see (or don’t see), at MONA (Museum of Non-Visible Art), you have some ringmaster reading the beautiful words from the description card of what the piece is. Then, you close your eyes and imagine the work, in all of its beauty and splendor. While your eyes are closed of course, they are rifling through your pockets to see how much they are going to scam out of you. The funny part of course is that, even though the invisible “works of art” are for sale, they don’t accept invisible money. No, no,  that would just be too ridiculous. At least I’m sure they would see it that way.

I find it interesting that two of  the “they” (neither of which is Franco) produced a DVD last year called “Income Strategies For Artists“. What a coincidence that they would have made this film shortly before gouging morons for their cash. I know one person who didn’t see this informative documentary. This dumb bitch . Aimee Davison has the honor of being asshole of the year, because she paid $10,000 for a piece of invisible artwork, which was in essence a description card. I have no problem saying that if any of you decided to rub this woman down with raw meet and throw her into the wolf den of your local zoo, I would be protesting outside of the precinct for your release. I would start a Facebook page to get you what the guys from the movie “Armageddon” got , no taxes for the rest of your life. I would knock up some chick just so you could marry my daughter when she turned 16, and I wouldn’t care if you’re a girl too. Just someone please,  stop this madness. It’s not invisible, it’s right in front of you.

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