Word on the streets say the couple is separating because Beyonce still doesn’t want to have a child. And reading about the past history of the rap star and his long list of honeys and cheating ways I wouldn’t jump to have a baby with him either. Back in 2008 the hip-hop rap star Jay Z, played a rip-roaring headline slot at the Glastonbury Festival, appeared at London’s 17 Berkeley Street last night to launch champagne brand Armand De Brignac.

It was at the venue where two young models caught his eye, according to the Daily Mail. One of them said of the encounter: “It was really weird. I was with him soon after the private club at the back of the venue opened up and we were all drinking the gorgeous champagne. “It was really packed in there, but I was on his table so we were drinking all night. “At one point in the evening, he turned to me and said, ‘I want to get to know you better’. Then he got one of his assistants to come over to me and get my number. But as he left he didn’t really say much to me and then he walked on.” He also approached another woman, who revealed: “His assistant asked for my number. I was so shocked. It’s not often you’ll get someone of his status trying to talk to you in that way.”

According to reports from MediaFakeOut the couple has been at odds for the last year.
Sources also say Jay Z just ENTERED A LEASE to a Los Angeles mansion without his wife!!! “For now Jay Z’s going to be staying in LA. Beyonce will be in NY. . . The hope is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways.” They also claim to have a second confirmation of what our insider is claiming. According to multiple celebrity guests on Saturday’s RocNation lunch, there was “definitely something wrong” between Jay Z and Beyonce. As one celeb puts it, “They didn’t even look each other in the eye.”

I truly love this couple and I would hate to see them break up because Bey is not ready for kids. Soon she will be ready. If not Jay Z should just deal with that because he knew she was focused when he married her.  And that is why the vows say for better or for worst. Knowing Jay Z he is a Sagittarius which makes him a serial cheater, who may never be able to comment to one woman and maybe that’s why Bey is holding out. Sometimes you may have think you‘ve found the one and then you turn around and you don’t even know the person you married and it’s DONE!!!

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