In the entertainment industry, Illuminati rumors run rampant, and everyone from Rihanna to Kanye West has dealt with accusations their success is due to their involvement in it. Although many celebrities have kept mum on the subject, Jennifer Hudson is speaking out against all the talk about a secret society. During a recent Ustream session, she told fans:

“I’m so glad someone brought this Illuminati mess up because only a child of God would address it. That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life. And it’s offensive because basically what? The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it? So I find—and I hate to go there—but I find it’s those that can’t make it that would probably join Illuminati, or whoever that is, to get somewhere.”

If you can recall, last September I told you about Gregory King, the biological father of Julian King, Jennifer’s nephew, who, along with her mother and older brother, were brutally murdered in 2008. In a video touting his album and music career, Gregory claimed “he heard” the Oscar winner was a free mason who sacrificed her loved ones for her career. As classy as JHud is, I can’t help but wonder if she wanted to direct a few expletives towards dude during her Ustream chat…I know she’s a “child of God” and everything, but I’m sure God would’ve understood.

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