Jermaine Dupri’s penchant for strippers is common knowledge among folks in Atlanta (hell, and everywhere else for that matter).  The So So Def Records founder is a regular presence at some of the most notorious strip clubs in the “A,” and can be credited for making places like Magic City a main attraction for the hip-hop glitterati that visits the southern mecca. Not surprisingly, J.D.’s love for pole poppers is rumored to have gotten him into the occasional bind over the years (allegedly, Janet Jackson dumped him because he got one pregnant), but this current rumor, if true, is just ri-damn-diculous. According to Sandra Rose, J.D. is going broke because he’s tricking all his money off on Diamond and Chocolate Thunder:

“…Word has it that music producer-turned-DJ Jermaine Dupri’s Paces Ferry home and studio are headed toward foreclosure. Friends say Dupri, who recently laid off his entire staff at So So Def Records, is hemorrhaging money due to his insatiable appetite for strippers.”

Damn, I really hope J.D. isn’t blowing his fortune in the strip club, but if he is, I have a few friends over at Sue’s Rendezvous that would love to see him walk through the door…I’m just saying.

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