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For a long time it’s been rumors revolving around 50 Cent’s camp and the camp of Jimmy Henchmen. Two men have now been arrested and charged with the murder of a G-Unit associate, Lowell Fletcher. Some believe Lowell Fletcher’s death in September 2009 was related to a previous attack on James Rosemond’s son by Fletcher and Tony Yayo.

According to The Snitch, federal agents suspect that the hit was put out by Rosemond (Jimmy). In 2007, Fletcher struck Rosemond’s son in the head and went to prison for endangering the welfare of a child and an unrelated charge. G-Unit’s Tony Yayo copped a plea to harassing Rosemond’s son. The altercation reportedly took place because of G-Unit’s feud with The Game, who was being managed by Rosemond’s company, Czar Entertainment. Nearly two weeks after Fletcher was released from prison, he was shot and killed in the Bronx. Federal prosecutors have now charged Rodney Johnson of “plotting with conspirators to orchestrate a homicide” in this case. Prosecutors allege that he paid Brian McCleod and others to kill Fletcher.

According to documents obtained by The Snitch, Johnson and McCleod caused the death of Lowell Fletcher. Johnson and McCleod were charged with narcotics trafficking as part of an operation to ship cocaine across the country. Rosemond is believed to be the head of the ring’s East Coast operations, according to the Drug Enforcement Ministration and prosecutors. Also reports surfaced that Mr. Henchmen paid a dude who is now in prison $2500 to shoot and rob Tupac in New York several years ago…

P.S. It looks like Jimmy is surrounded by a lot of guns, drugs, snitching and murder. I wonder what’s next for him? Prison or Death… Damn if Tupac was alive…


Will Jimmy Go down for murder plot of Tupac? Leave your comments below!


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