Presents: Joe Buddens & Joell Ortiz, Live an in concert at SOB’s NYC  Singing one of my favorite Song  ” Move On ”  December 28, 2011

Joe Buddens & Joell Ortiz are the East Coast 1/2 of the Slaughter House team, put on an Incredible high energy show at SOB’s in NYC.. The duo are a perfect in concert match, and one thing is for sure you will always leave satisfied with their performances. I love when they search the crowd for fans that can spite 8 bars of their random song selection..! Fans came from as far as Boston in the rain to see the show. Thank God, we have entertainers that still believe the people are more important than themselves. These dudes show so much love to their fans, that it makes those assholes at the top, look just like what they are, ASSHOLES..

On another note, Without the fans, and the streets, you high and mighty fake ass rappers are over.  That being said, when rappers call the news on themselves and ABC, CBS, & Entertainment tonight shows up instead of and the rest of the streets.. Your rap careers are almost over, and if the streets do show up, you assholes aren’t giving us any interviews anyway, Lol, we made you, in the first place! Without us you wouldn’t be able, to be flunkies, and message boys for the Illuminati.. Cause real members are born into the illuminati, no such thing as a Ghetto upgrade system..!

Filmed & Edited By

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Graphics: France ” U Conn ” Connect



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