As dire a situation as the job market is in this country, I think we need more unemployment. Specifically the media needs to quit their positions and find a real job. It is simply a crime for them to get paid for blowing shit out of proportions. They cause an evil and seemingly never-ending cycle of sensationalism-reaction-sensationalism. People are now programmed to over react to the most benign shit that wasn’t worthy of reaction 20 years, 10 years, 5 years ago, or even this time last year.

Super hunky weirdo Johnny Depp is the latest celeb to be under fire when he said . . .  and send the kids in the next room for this . . . that being in a photo shoot is like being raped. Are you dead yet? Have your genitals shriveled up and fallen off? Has every female in your community suddenly been sexually attacked and or pleasured without compliance? No? Ok, just checking. Apparently something of this nature is supposed to happen or else why would people be “outraged” at this comment. Sure I know the response to this. He is making light of a grave sitatuion. He has no idea what its like to be raped so its disrespectful to those who have experienced it, blah blah blah.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Depp, who lives with his life partner and two children (one is a 12-year-old girl), doesn’t advocate or take lightly the trauma involved with being raped. The assumption by those who are outraged namely the rape support groups, that this is the case is disgustingly self serving. The standard method of operations now when someone famous says something that you can get some ink
or screen time from is to fall on the floor and roll around on the ground in unrelenting pain at the comments made by said celebrity. Then you offer the Nazi oven operator a chance to cleanse himself by coming to the institution for an education on the subject, on camera of course. In this case Depp would talk to a team of rape counselors so that he can learn the difficult concept that rape is bad.

GET A REAL FUCKING JOB!!! Or better yet, stick to the actual good one that you have and help people deal with their crisis. If you do your job well, I’m willing to bet that one day they wont be outraged when someone says they feel like they were raped at a photo shoot. Or that they are being raped by the IRS. Or the poachers are raping the land of its resources. Yes these may sound familiar to you because they have been said hundreds of times by your neighbor, your boss, or some other group using it as an expression while trying to do good in their own little pice of this world. Should we not say that a boxing match is going to be world war three because we didnt fight in WW1 or WW2? Will those vets or a vet from any war be offended because we are comparing boxing to actual human slaughter? I don’t recall the Jews breaking down Seinfelds door when he made the name “Soup Nazi” comedically famous. Did anyone with a barcode on their forearm try to picket the show?

Hell there is computer terminology called “the slave and the master”. Look it up, I’m not kidding. Should the whole computer industry come under fire for this? Hell even Al Sharpton has better things to do than try and make a big deal out of shit like this. Get a real job mother fuckers and stop sending these idiots you’ve created in a frenzy. Unless of course you’re gonna send some coverage my way, I could use it. If not, then get raped.

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