Kanye West just keeps winning. A judge has sided with ‘Ye in a case brought by a rapper who accused the hip-hop star of ripping off one of his songs to make the hit song, ”Stronger.” According to Page Six:

Vince Peters, a k a ‘Vince P,’ filed the suit in July accusing West of stealing the lyrics from his song of the same title. Peters claimed that after he had a meeting in August 2006 with John Monopoly, a confidant of West, the star then released a track with similar lyrics, an identical title and a similar hook. But Illinois Judge Virginia Kendall has thrown out the case, saying the songs were not substantially similar.”

‘Ye also recently settled his legal battle with Suge Knight, stemming from a 2005 incident that took place at Miami’s Shore Club during which Knight was robbed and shot while attending a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by the “Runaway” rapper. According to AllHipHop.com, the former Death Row CEO has dropped the case and the duo has reached a confidential out-of-court agreement. That just means ‘Ye felt sorry for Knight (who I’m hearing is currently suffering from a severe case of brokeassness) and hit him off with a little something something to line his pocket.

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