Kat Stacks is this groupie wanna be Karrine Stephans . What makes it so bad this is a skinny ass ghetto drunk chick who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about herself so why would she care about anyone else. All the rappers she fucked were nothing compared to Super Head long list of rap stars. The men who were involved with her such as Bow Wow & Souljah Boy must have low-self esteem or just plain dyslexic either way they got what was coming to them. And that’s what happens when dogs lay down with flies they catch diseases and all type of un-necessary bullshit. I watched a few videos of this bitch on YouTube getting slapped around. She was being forced to say shit she didn’t want to say.  Looking at the videos it’s obvious she has serious problems, number one being an alcoholic and second a tramp. But now it looks like she is coming out with a book thanks to WorldStarHipHop.com. Another hood rat on the come up oh well I guess thats the new hustle!!!

Side Note: I want to comment on this video below because dude slapped the shit out of her. It was funny but it wasn’t if you know what I mean. Those type of dudes need to be beat up severely for acting like punks and slapping this little bitch like that. He hit her so HARD!

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