Presents: Kymani Marley, one of the hottest Artist traveling the Globe, performing, and creating an incredible eclectic catalog of music.

I was stunned an amazed at his concert performance at the world famous BB Kings. His stage show was inviting, and I became consumed, listening to every word with the hopes of singing along. He sang some of his original music and also covered some of his Legendary father ( Bob Marley) songs in his second set. I found him to be true to himself, honest, humble soft spoken, with a real Gangsta side.  When I first bumped into him, he was chillin alone, leaning against a wall like one of the concert attendees, with no security to be found. I spoke and he was crazy cool, and responded “Respect Brethren”! His posture was approachable, but don’t fuck up cause I will handle you! Real Talk!

HipHopWorld  reporter “KaSheba”  formally intro ducted us after the concert, and he provided us a honest interview, staying true to himself, and the world. We spoke about his new TV series Shottas, which may Co-Star, Nikki Minaj, but he said he will get back to us on that, cause we were the first to break the news to him, but he could not confirm our research at the time..! So we’ll get back to that in a few weeks. One thing is for sure, Kymani starring role in the movie shottas, was honest and hard body. Shottas is one of the most loved gangsta movies in the Caribbean culture, and is one of my personal favorites. He is also presently playing himself on BET J, all in all we rock with the 2nd to last baby boy of the Legendary Bob Marley. He has clearly followed in his fathers foot steps, but he worked hard and earned all that he has accomplished, just call him KYMANI !

Filmed & edited by

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Exec Asst: George Smalls

Video Reporter: KaSheba

Article by: Alphie

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