Here we go again. I actually havent seen one of these in a while. But I knew better than to think that this society had actually taken responsibility for itself and stopped being putrid, leeching, scum feeding off of  it’s own. After a somewhat brief pause we have yet another ridiculous lawsuit on the horizon. This BITCH (seen to the right) has become an internet sensation because she was

video taped on a mall security camera texting while not looking where she was going, and falling into a fountain. Now was she hurt? NO. She was  a bit embarrassed as most of us would be, except for the homeless who would have taken the opportunity to pad their bank accounts with the coins at the bottom. In fact, she said she laughed when she first saw the video, because she said she thought it was funny. But now, all of a sudden, her feelings are hurt. And when an idiots feelings are hurt, the tax payers must pay for that.
So she has secured the services of the true AIDS of society, which of course would be  a lawyer. And what exactly is this parasite suing for you ask? Well number one, since there was no fencing around the fountain, she is suing for I suppose an unsafe environment on the premisses. Then she feels that security should have come to her aid first as opposed to laughing at her on video and  then circulating it on the internet.
Lets deal with the second part of this frivolous pathetic suit first. Now I actually agree, that in the perfect world where security, management, and other customer service providers, are not completely disinterested, skill less, script readers,  they should have located her to make sure she was OK. However this is America, where 96.4% of the workers in a company have no idea what’s going on in that company on any given day. And only the ass kisses actually give a shit in general. So to expect, obese, slobs with hypertension or diabetes from sitting on their ass all day eating mall food, to hustle out to do a courtesy check on you would be acting for too much. And yes, I said a courtesy check because if you look at the video, this vermin fell in, shot right back up, got her cell phone and stepped out of the fountain and was on her soggy merry way. No limp, no stumble, no pause. And to this day she has yet to complain of any injury . . . except to her phony pride.
And why is her pride hurt? Is it because mall cameras are on par with the Hubble telescope and can see every pore of her pathetic face? NO. It’s because this bumbler decided to GET HER 15 MINUTES and cry about how embarrassed she is on television. Well hey, Lucy, guess what? If you didn’t go on T.V., no one would know who you are to laugh at you because you were completely  unidentifiable on the security footage. Oh but of course if you weren’t a spotlight whore, then you wouldn’t have a chance to be on Dr. Phil to talk about how you can’t fuck your husband anymore because your pussy closes up due to your embarrassment. You wouldnt’ be able to tell Oprah that you are now to embarrassed to be the best you , you can be. You wont be afforded the spotlight to tell Maury that you were too embarrassed to tell your husband that he is not the father of your kids.
And speaking of kids. There are thousands of public fountains all over this country, in doors and outdoors. Do you recall seeing gates or fencing around them? Probably not. Do you wanna take a guess why? It’s because the only people who can run around with the mental focus of a 4 year old . . . IS A FUCKING 4 YEAR OLD. And thats why you hold their hands when you take them to the fountains so they can put their little hands in there. Or you yell at them when it looks like they are gonna run blindly and do a half gainer right into it . . . like your dumb, filching ass.
I propose that we put into affect a new law that says if you intend to waste the time of the legal system, the money of the tax payers, and blight our scenery with mandated gates and fencing to keep you brainless, greedy, fucks safe from yourselves, then you had better win. Because if you don’t, then we’re going to baste you in lemon juice and whip the skin off your back with a salt encrusted dock chain. But we’ll give you breaks in between lashes so you can text “OH SWEET MARMALADE JESUS, HELP ME!!!”, to that ever so important friend of yours.

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