Lil Jons House Foreclosed on by the Bank

Loses homes & cars…..

Producer/Rap Star Lil John loses his home to foreclosure this is sad news. According to Media Take Out, the rapper Lil Jon got his home FORECLOSED on back in August 2010. Reports states Lil Jon paid 3.2 million dollars for the home… We haven’t heard much from Lil Jon lately, but my thought is he needs to get back to work immediately and start making better decisions with his money and life. Lil Jon claims he made no money from his music just from his tours and shows he performed. I recently heard Lil Jon no longer wants to be a rap star. I wonder what adventure is next for Lil Jon maybe we will hear more music from him if not I know he will definitely do some producing.

Two other rappers who happen to be a couple lost their homes to foreclosure on December 6, 2010. The Atlanta, Georgia Rap couple Lil Scrappy and Diamond are both in financial troubles, according to After Diamond’s car was repossessed, documents have now been released that reveal Georgia homes owned by each are currently on the market after foreclosure. Reports also say the couple is now living together in a rented home, and are allegedly delinquent on rent payments. What a coincidence huh? Nope their fake baller’s who don’t like to pay bills. Both artists, former Warner Brothers acts and Lil Jon protégés, have had delayed careers as of late. Scrappy last released a retail mix tape, “Prince of the South 2” on Real Talk Entertainment. The rapper was reported to have signed with Ludacris’ DTP Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam but we have heard nothing as far as an album from him so far. Crime Mob’s Diamond, now signed to Battery/Jive Records has a solo album called “Cocaine Waitress”.

None of the rappers has spoken publicly. Good luck to everyone including the rappers who are going through a hard time maintaining and paying their bills on time. A change is coming!!

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