Lil Kim disses the shit out of Nicki Minaj with the “Black Friday” song and it was oh so sweet plus Nicki deserves every pot shot taken at her ass.. When it comes to lyrical skill Kim is the best that’s why her name is Queen Bee. Her lyrical ability and content is fire another word to describe her lyrics would be disgusting of course in a good way.. The woman version of Biggie, she hasn’t lost her flow or swag so hats off to the Queen Bitch! A great come back for Nicki Minaj’s ”Romans Revenge”. I wanna give a shout out to Nicki for going Gold in her first week sales thanks to all the jacking she been doing from Lil Kim. Nicki you must have watched Lil Kim’s whole career and took great notes as you guys can see.

Stay in your lane sweetie, the hip hop community doesnt want to see the same shit done over and over. If you want to be a black Lady Ga Ga in rap forget about it! Kim has been there done that.. This chick is highly over-rated and I’m so glad Kim put her in place. Bitchdon’t forget where you came from and don’t think because you with Lil Wayne you the bestess. NOT! Out the gate you come in with controversy from the surgeries to being a lesbian wanting to fuck Cassie or any bad bitch according to you. So is Nicki the best? Yes right now she is and that’s because she’s brand new soon you will old just like Rhianah, she’s no Beyonce. Take notes ladies a bad bitchdoesn’t need plastic surgery or a dude to make her.. She is confident in who and what she is including the way God blessed her body to be…

“Black Friday” made me smile like my girl is here to stay and can never be touched on the mic. A friend of mines name Darron Powers put on his face book status that he had to apologize to all the Lil Kim fans after hearing “Black Friday”. My response to him was I don’taccept your apology because you knew from day one that Nicki clown ass couldnt fuck with the Queen Bee not ever.. Both women are good at what they do but their can only be one best and that would be Lil Kim a.k.a Queen Bee, Labella Mafia..

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