OMG, I watched one of m favorite shows last night. Why this is not a multiple ‘Emmy Award’ winner is beyond me. It has everything. It’s loaded with drama, sex, and suspense. It’s hilarious as hell. And it even has something for the kids. That’s mainly because the show is about adults who are trying to fuck them. Yes my friends, I’m talking about the MSNBC Dateline show ‘To Catch A Predator’, hosted by “I’m Chris Hansen”  Chris Hansen. Can I just explain to you how great this show is? For those who are not familiar, this show aired from 2004-2007. Basically, Dateline, a group called Perverted-Justice, and the local law enforcement agency in whatever city they were in, worked in concert to catch scum-sucking-pedophile-pigs who thought they were coming to a designated house, so they could fuck and otherwise destroy what they believed were young girls AND boys, between the ages of 12-15. This is all filmed by hidden cameras. The shit-eater meets an undercover ‘Perverted Justice’ agent in a chat room, who pretends to be a young, supple, tender teen, who is open to the idea of being penetrated by old, fat and/or greasy men. These vermin then drive, sometimes as much as 4 hours to get to that young goody-basket they think is waiting for them.

What they end up finding is a hilariously smug, Chris Hanson emerging from behind a door or curtain. This is the comedic part. The range of reactions go from total shock to genuine impudence. One guy asked if he could have a cookie that was in a bowl in front of him. When Hansen agrees, he grabs one, takes a bite and then says ” hmm, these cookies are fresh”. I’m laughing just thinking about it. None the less, fear, crying and begging is what usually ensues after Hansen’s emergence. Then the list of ridiculous excuses for why they are in a strangers house, in the middle of the night, with only a pre-teen at home, is truly the stuff of Neil Simon. No matter how much they lie, it means nothing because Hansen is armed with the printed transcript of the conversation the ‘perv’ had with the faux-teen online. This is the part where it gets a little squirmy. It never ceases to amaze and disgust me, how many men crave a thirteen-year-olds vagina. They use words like, “tender” and “juicy”. They profess love and adoration to who they believe are children. But now that they are busted, they can’t stand to hear the filth that they wrote. To his credit, Hansen just keeps plugging away at them, reading back the vile things that they wrote. He even shows them the pictures of them jacking off, that they sent to the ‘little girl’.

Then, finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for comes right after the moment that CHris Hansen has been waiting for. That’s when Hansen, no matter where he is in the conversation, manages to find a segue into he favorite line of the show. “There’s something you need to know (pause, pause, pause) I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC”. Even if the guy is running out of the house, and into the arms of the waiting police, Hansen is still saying his line. I was sure that if the show continued, there would be a dimming of the lights, and then they would hit him with a spotlight so he could deliver his catch phrase. The show is not on anymore because (and it took 3 years) these animals finally started getting a bit leery about accepting the opportunity to break the speed limit so they can fuck a 12-year-old. Lord (the aliens) only knows how many little girls and boys were spared, due to this new found apprehension amongst the debauched. Also there was this little issue about a Texas assistant DA named Louis Conradt, who blew his own brains out after the cops had him surrounded in his house with a search warrant. It seems Conradt was chatting with an undercover operative, posing as an under age teen. Conradt didn’t go to the undercover house, but obviously had something to hide if he would rather kill himself than show the cops what was inside his home. FUCK HIM, he got what he deserved. Even he agrees since he gave himself the lethal dose of justice. I just hope one day they renew the show. We all know the filth is still out there. They just need to change the show a little. Instead of just Chris Hansen waiting for them, they should also have a few death row convicts who were sent to jail for killing the priests who molested them, waiting in the house. Chat rooms will never be the same after that.


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