Human Scum, Busted – Part 2

This is my first two-parter. Which goes to show, when it come to human scum, there is just no shortage of material. In part two of HSB, the title takes on a ‘delicious’ double meaning. Oh this is good. So you know how when you were a little boy and you liked a little girl, you did strange things to let her know you liked her? You would punch her in the arm, or push her in the dirt. Then when you were just a little more savvy, you would give her a gift, like a bottle with a flower in it, or a bottle with some worms in it, or a bottle with your semen tainted water in it, or a bottle. . . . . wait, back up a minute.

Yes friends, it never ceases to amaze me how fucked people are in this world. I mean, I think Dr, Phil should go back to punching cattle, but even he wouldn’t have suggested this ‘getting to know you’ present. But, apparently Dr. Phil doesn’t come on in this guys broadcast area. So he took ‘matters’ into his ‘own hands’. I’m sorry, but it’s just too easy.

Again, I think this story warrants me  going outside of my photo M.O.

This quaint looking gentleman is Michael Kevin Lallana. And Mike was smitten with one of his female coworkers. Apparently he knew that asking a coworker out on a date would violate the sexual harassment policy that has plagued the work force for years now. BUT, in all of the human resources literature on sexual harassment, he saw nothing that prohibited him from cumming in a bottle of water and leaving it on the desk of the desired coworker. So thats exactly what Mike did.

The coworker drank from the bottle but noticed an odd yet familiar taste. Not being able to put her finger on it, she threw the bottle away. Mike must have deduced that she threw the bottle away because she couldn’t decipher that it was his ‘love nectar’ that she was tasting. So, he logically figured that if she had another opportunity to drink his ‘baby gravy’ she would figure it out, and she would then be his. So thats exactly what Mike did. He busted a second load, into a second bottle of water for her to drink, a second time.

Being the cold fish that she apparently is, not only did she not figure out that it was Mikes ‘semen sauce’ that she was gargling with, but she heartlessly took the bottle to the authorities. After a couple of months and some DNA testing, Mike posed for this mug shot above. In part 1, I ended by saying that you can’t buy love. Here is a good reason not to try. Love costed Mike, over $27,000 in restitution, 6 months in jail, and the newest spot in the Orange County list of registered sex offenders. In short, if it wasn’t for human scum getting busted, I might have to entertain myself by selling my own flavored water.

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