Singer-songwriter Mario Winans child support battle with his baby’s mom rages on. Two years after she first publicly accused Mario of being a deadbeat, Janel Bennett, who has a son with the “I Don’t Wanna Know” singer, is telling anyone who will listen that Mario is four months delinquent on his support payments. According to Page Six:

“Bennett gets $4,500 a month from Winans, who has three other kids with his wife, Joy. But Bennett says he won’t even visit their son, Jordan. ‘He pays $10,000 a month for a house in New Jersey and says he’s broke,’ Bennett told us. ‘I was homeless. I had to stay with friends in Chicago. He’s not broke, he just had a hit song with Drake.’”

Mario, who’s responsible for hit songs from some of the biggest names in music, including Sean “Diddy” CombsMary J. Blige,Whitney Houston, and Jennifer Lopez, has been involved in a very ugly back-and-forth with Bennett over child support for nearly four years. The ongoing saga has gotten so out of hand, Bennett has even drawn the ire of Winans’ Gospel singing mother, Vickie Winans. In emails sent to Bennett back in 2007, Winans said:

“Girl, you did not ask me when you took action and screwed Mario that day! You should have used a defense [a condom]!”

“Nobody likes a stuck-on-themselves pretty white girl with pretty eyes that thinks the world owes them everything.”

When asked about the emails, Winans told Page Six:

“You didn’t hear our phone conversations or the e-mails she sent us! She is evil.”

“I was singing a concert while they were having a baby. I have nothing to do with this…I want to meet my grandbaby, but I’m afraid of her. She’s into all this witchcraft.

“Mario is not a deadbeat dad. He doesn’t have the money so I lent it to him to pay her. I am a good grandmother, and I love all of my grandchildren.”

SMH, this whole situation has “Maury” written all over it and is so unbecoming of people bearing the Winans name.

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