Mary J & Kendu Happier Times

Remember that incident, when our favorite hip hop diva Mary J Blige went in on her husband Kendu. Well I’m hearing it could be because Mary is suspicious of her husband Kendu’s relationship with one of his artist Laneah.

Sources are saying that that Kendu (who is the head of Mary’s MATRIARCH RECORDS) and Laneah have a “very strong” personal and professional relationship, and Mary suspects that there could be something MORE.. Also they say Kendu was married with children and Mary broke up his home and we all know how karma is. Mary recently went on a vacation to Australia with her mom instead of her husband Kendu also there was no sign of her wedding ring.

Word of advice to Mary if you think he’s cheating then he is and if you don’t speak up or leave him he will continue to use and abuse you. My thoughts: I don’t blame you for slapping the shit out of him because I know it was for lack of respect. Maybe you can work things out if not get a divorce quick and cut him off!!

Look at this video below it shows Mary keeping her husband in line with a slap after accusing him of flirting with a waitress at her album release party back in 2009:

Mary & Laneah the Accused

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