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Despite not having much screen time during the first season of Love & Hip-Hop, Mashonda doesn’t plan on returning to the VH1 reality series for a second season. In a recent interview, the sometimes singer, who’s the ex-wife of hip-hop super producer Swizz Beatz, takes issue with how the show turned out, particularly the catty beefs that occurred between the other cast members on the show. Speaking on why she agreed to appear on the show in the first place, Mashonda told Hip-Hop Weekly:

“I really honestly did do the show to help Emily and help women across the United States, to let them know that you’re not the only one that can go through something like this [divorce and heartbreak].”

As for how her vision of the show compared to what actually went down during the show’s premiere season, Mashonda said:

“I just don’t feel like at this point in my life, Love & Hip-Hop represents who I am, it’s just a chapter that is over. When I shot the show, I thought that it was going to be like more of a sisterhood, but when I saw a lot of the drama and the beef, I was a little surprised, I was like wow, okay, I didn’t know this was going to be a part of what this is.”

How could she have not known the show was going to be a catty dramafest? This is VH1 we’re talking about here…the very same network that put a bunch of sloppy broads in one house to duke it out over Flavor Flav. Cattiness and drama is what they bank on.

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