A long time ago, I had a friend dedicate a song to me called “Ambitious Girl”. I never heard of the song and neither did I really know about the artist until I listened to the lyrics. Wale, the smooth but chilled laid back rapper talked about pursuing a woman who had aspirations in her life. Talk about realness here! While there aren’t too many rappers wanting to pursue the “ambitious girl” as opposed to the bitches and hoes, I do commend Wale for being the one who thinks outside of the box. Wale presents a vulnerable demeanor while maintaining his realism of who he is in the rap game. “Sabotage” and “The Break-Up Song”, two of my personal favorites reveal what Wale’s deepest thoughts are about women and his life experiences with them. But that doesn’t mean that’s all he talks about. As a part of the empire Maybach Music, Wale stands out from his label mates simply because his lyrics contain more substance, while not over exaggerating or glorifying his position of success. While he’s not on the same emotional level and vulnerability as Drake, he does bring something to the table worth listening to. I hope to see more success of Wale and his music.

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