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According to Fox 2 News Kwame Kilpatrick walked out of a Jackson prison a free man last Tuesday. The former Detroit mayor was paroled after spending 14 months behind bars. Fox 2 states, “He was in great spirit. Very happy,” said Dan Hajji, who represents Kilpatrick in his state cases. After serving some hard time, Kilpatrick shared a light hearted moment. He posted pictures of himself and Hajji on his Facebook page as they drove away from prison.

“He was taking pictures of me and saying things to the camera,” Hajji said. Kilpatrick’s lawyer also told us he noticed something different about the former mayor. “I saw some excitement in him. I saw this light shining from him,” he said.

From federal court to a family reunion, he posted another picture with sister Ayanna and mother Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick even fit in a haircut, but somewhere along the way he slipped out of the media’s eye and is believed to have already made his way back to Texas so he can make a mandatory Wednesday morning meeting with his parole officer. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said Kilpatrick will have to follow standard parole conditions.

“He cannot leave the state without the parole officer’s permission. He cannot change residences without the parole officer’s permission. He’s set to reside in Texas. He cannot own or possess any type of firearm or legal weapon,” said Jason Clark with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We’re told he even has to undergo random drug tests. However, different than other Texas
parolees, he has to pay around $860,000 in Michigan restitution, money he owes the City of Detroit.

Well good luck Kwame, now pay what you owe!

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