Some people hoped it would happen. Some people prayed it would never happen again. But I’m here to tell you that “Superman” is back, with a super bank account.

Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles worked out a deal that would pay the supernatural QB $100 million over the next six years, with about $40 million guaranteed. Barring injury or a scuffle in a dog park, Vick will be flying across the goal line in Eagles-green for years to come.

Surely this will raise the hair on the backs of PETA members everywhere, like one of their beloved dogs. Many dog lovers didn’t want Vick to ever see the light of day again, let alone be made one of the richest men in the NFL. He is seen by some to be a sociopath and a public enemy. But his supporters simply see him as an enemy to any defense that has to face him. In 11 games last year, Vick racked up some impressive numbers. He led the Eagles to an 8-3 record. He threw for over 3,000 yards, with 21 touchdowns. He ran for 676 yards with nine rushing touchdowns. His QB rating was 100.2, and he was a starter in the Pro Bowl. He also swooped into the MVP race with a Krypton-like performance against the Washington Redskins on November 15. His performance was so amazing that the Hall Of Fame requested his jersey be inducted immediately.

These types of numbers would make many sports fans not even blink at the numbers in his new contract. However, it’s the numbers 22 (the amount of months Vick spent in jail) and 8 (the number of dogs Vick killed personally), that are etched in the minds of many sports fans and dog fans alike.There is no doubt that Vicks crimes were terrible. There is no doubt that he affected scores of people in a deeply negative manner. And many of those people have no space for forgiveness in their hearts for him. Unfortunately for them, the NFL, the Eagles, and merchandisers like Nike, have their compassion fueled by their profit margin. As the old saying goes, business is business. And at the end of the day, will Vick help make the owners of these businesses clear enough profit to buy a new jet to match their tans? The answer is apparently yes.

The fact remains that Vick paid his debt to society, and is publicly continuing to make amends for his misdeeds. But many still want him to fail. I wonder if any of the people who picketed outside of Lincoln Financial Field, or held up “dog killer” signs, or called up radio shows wishing violence upon him, ever heard of Leonard Little?

Little was a defensive end for the St. Louis Rams from 1998-2003. In 1998, Little, while driving drunk, crashed into and killed Susan Gutweiler. You would think that after you’ve robbed a man of his wife and two children of their mother, you would never drink and drive again? I’m sure the members of PETA wouldn’t, especially if there were dogs at risk. However in 2004, Little was arrested while driving drunk, again. For Killing Mrs. Gutweiler, he received 1,000 hours of community service. For inexplicably driving drunk a second time, he received two years of probation. I remember these incidents when they happened. What I don’t remember was anyone picketing and losing their minds when Little returned to the field to wreak havoc, where he was supposed to. Justice can appear in strange forms. Or too many times, not at all. Congrats Mike.

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