Who is Misfit Dior?

Born in Sussex, England; the daughter of a couture dressmaker mother and architect father from Nigeria; Misfit Dior was crafting and creating everything from the clothes she wore to the songs and poems she wrote from the earliest of times. At age four, she was the youngest to enter and win a national ‘Design Barbie’s Outfit’ competition. After her design was chosen to be made for Barbie, she knew her fate as an artist was sealed.

Not long after, she began modeling and in no time had landed billboard campaigns with large fashion houses such as Top Shop .
Though she loved fashion, it wasn’t until after spending a summer in the music and nightlife entrenched Ibiza, she realized her true passion was music and began throwing herself into the scene.

After befriending Proof of group D12 at a rap concert in NYC, he encouraged her to pursue her newfound passion, began mentoring her, and even gave her the moniker Misfit. Between traveling back and forth to the US, rap label Street Dreams took notice and signed her after seeing an impromptu back door performance at the European UK  Hip Hop awards. Over the next twelve months, she began recording and performing on local mix tapes.

The following year she left her Covent Garden apt in London and moved herself to New York, settling in what would later become her permanent home, Brooklyn. She soon became a regular in the New York club scene and worked the door at some of the more exclusive parties to make ends meet. She used the opportunity to network and pass out her demo.
Misfit then released mix tapes such as ”Sex Sells” with English singer Tha Law and performed their single ”Hey Boy” in and around New York’s trendy hot spot.
Though she continued to work in the studio featuring on mix-tapes, she began to feel the struggle of being taken seriously in the male dominated world of rap.
While looking for the proper outlet she was approached and asked to participate in ‘VH1′s “The White Rapper Show”. In January 2007 the premiere was an overwhelming success, gathering 4.4 million viewer in its first episode. Misfit Quickly became a fan favorite and a deluge of radio appearances and magazine spreads soon arose.

B.U.M Equipment Clothing leveraged her recognizably to launch their brand and featured her on both billboards in Times Sq, New York, across Asia and in their ad campaign in publications such as YRB.

Since then Misfit Dior has been featured in magazines such as Complex, New York magazine, Inked and misbehave. Her song ”Mr. Plastic” has been digitally released and she has had cameo roles in movies including Sex and The City 2 and Premium Rush.

In December 2010 she released ”Welcome Back Dior” as a teaser single single off her upcoming EP and in late March, Misfit will be releasing the music video for ”Miss America”, the first official single off her upcoming EP ”Let Them Eat Cake”. With her new Fashion Line  ”Alured De Valer” in the works for a fall launch, it appears 2011 in on par to be another spectacular year for Misfit Dior


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