Black people make me sick. They spend half their time bitchin’, moaning, and complaining about how unfair things are in this country for them. They crow about the opportunities the ‘white devil’ gets, that are not afforded to them. They spend the other half of their time lauding over and envying all the other blacks who decided they didn’t want to eat chicken wings and pork fried rice for the rest of their lives. They constantly display a misguided sense of priorities and allegiances. They revere the dumbest and the most ignorant, while ignoring and suppressing any of their own who choose a path too close to the oppressor. All the whining wouldn’t be so bad if they would just put their ass where their mouth is. And I don’t mean some crazy (yet hot) porn scene. I mean, where are the blacks who stand up to the proverbial “man”? And I’m not talking about just talk either. I find it hilarious that the Negros who live on streets named after Martin Luther King, only have a dream to be as dumb as they can possibly be. And the Malcom X boulevards are filled with blacks who intend on being ignorant-as- fools by any means necessary.


I was reminded today of a champion of the black folks that has long been forgotten. This man didn’t just talk the talk, he ‘crip walked’ the walk, and better than any black leader does today. And yes, that includes soul brotha’ number one, Barrack Hussain Obama. Although I think ‘Curious George’ is doing everything that the true powers that be are allowing him to do, the fact remains he has to remain neutral as the leader of a melting pot of morons. No, the man I’m talking about decided that enough was enough, and lashed out at the man with all he had for the betterment of blacks all over the country. And the blacks need to get together (which they never do) to honor this man with a street that they can stand around and do nothing on. In fact they need to first petition to get this man released from his confinements. The new leader of the blacks that I am referring to of course, is none other than John Hinkley. For those who don’t remember his day of liberation, John is the freedom fighter who tried to kill the overlord, President Ronald Reagan, thirty-years ago.


I know you all think he shot Reagan because of Jodie Foster, but that was a planted story so as not to get the blacks in a state of uprising when their general was hauled away. Lets be real, Jodie Foster is a good actress and all, but do you really think she’s worth getting the electric chair for? John was interested in the brick-house-boobs and ghetto-booties of the sistas. He saw all that black meat shriveling under the rule of the Reagan administration and decided he had enough. The part about him watching ‘Taxi Driver’ 15 times is true. However it wasn’t because Jodie Foster was in it. It was because his hero Robert DeNiro was in it. DeNiro is a well known lover of the nappy-dugout, and inspired him to take action against those who endangered the chocolate society. Blacks were spiraling into poverty and drugs, both of which were provided by the cronies of the Reagan era. John just decided to not stand by and pout. You know how those entitled whites are? When they feel they deserve something, it’s hell in a hand basket if they don’t get it. Luckily they only threw him in an insane asylum for the past 30 years. He is being considered for release, but the government puppets are still claiming he is a threat. This is nonsense of course. He only poses a threat to ebony chicks with junk in their trunk. But this is the time for the blacks to get off the bench and get in the game. Band together and call for the release of John Hinkley. Text, write, rap, tag, or use whatever your form of communication you have at your disposal. Send it to your local call girls, who will then pass it on to your local congressman. FREE YOUR JOHN! FREE YOUR JOHN! FREE YOUR JOHN!


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