shocking news :-0 Two women fell through a W Hotel window in Atlanta, GA early Saturday morning, leaving one woman dead and the other in very critical condition.

According to police, Lashawna threat a popular model from atlanta GA and friend Ciara Williams, 25, were ‘play fighting’ when they both crashed through the window and fell about four or five stories onto a slanted ceiling above a sunroom at about 3:15 a.m.
Threatt and several other friends had gathered at the location to celebrate Her 30th birthday. They were returning to the room after dinner and had barely been there 10 minutes before the tragic incident occurred. 30-year-old LaShawna M. Was found dead on top of the sunroom roof, and 25 year old Ciara will ams who survived the fall, reportedly rolled off the same roof and then fell another 20 feet to an outdoor patio outside the hotel is in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.
According to the people that seen the incident “It appears that there was no malicious act, no foul play, they were just wrestling with each other, then they hit the window, the window broke, and they fell out.

She was stunning and a real beauty,reminisce of the late R&B singer Ayliah(?). But I personally find it hard to believe that two young adults “playing wrestling” to the point that they fell out of a window to their deaths is insane! At what point did the “playing” end and this became a full blown fight? Clearly,poor judgement was made/displayed on her part to partake in such childish games,especially with the welfare of a 15yrold at home dependant upon her well being/parenting. The consequences were weighed lightly here in this tragedy. Not only is this sad, we now have learned a valuable lesson that your life over something as silly as this can happen in a blink of an eye. May her daughter & surviving family members seek/find peace,comfort and solace in GOD’s mercy.
Now to learn that it’s possible to break a window this easily and fall to your death is crazy ?….. Our condolences and prayers go out to Threatt’s family and friends. Pray for the recovery of Ciara Williams.

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