Rapper Nas is back in the studio working on new material with Canadian songbird, Nelly Furtado. According to sources, the new track with Nas will be featured on Furtado’s upcoming album Lifestyle, which is slated to hit stores later this year. Tweeted by Furtado “Just finished rough mix of my track featuring @Nas,” “You’ll hear it soon!!! Xo.” Throughout the years, Nelly Furtado has collaborated with a number of rappers, including Timbaland, The Roots, Missy Elliott, and many others.

The Beastie Boys also have revealed that their highly anticipated album Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2. will hit stores this May 2011. The album is the second installment of the unreleased version of Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1, which was shelved indefinitely, although the music on Part 2 contains all of the tracks slated for Part 1 of the album. According to representatives for EMI, Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 will be released to the public on May 3rd.



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