The New York State Attorney General’s Office is continuing its effort to rid New York State of the immigration fraudsters who attempt to exploit unknowing immigrants by misrepresenting their credentials (and abilities) while bulking immigrants out of exorbitant amounts of money.

Most recently, the Attorney General’s Office announced the shutdown of seven companies who are accused of defrauding immigrants or the unauthorized practice of law.  The seven organizations are:  (1) Centro Santa Ana, Inc. and Ana Lucia Baquero, in Queens; (2) Margo’s Immigration Services and Margarita Davidov a/k/a Margo Davidov, in Queens; (3) Miguel Fittipaldi, J.D., Ltd. and Miguel Fittipaldi, in Manhattan; (4) Arthur C. Hurwitz, in Manhattan; (5) Oficina Legal Para Hispanos, P.C. and Geoffrey S. Stewart, in Manhattan; (6) Asilos and Camilo Perdomo, in Queens; and (7) Mision Hispana, Inc. and Mayra Liz, in Queens.

Often, taking a few practical steps can help immigrants determine if a person or organization is not an appropriate immigration advisor.  To learn more, please visit this site’s “Spotting Immigration Fraud” web page.

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