The NFL is going through yet another internal battle for money and power. Next to losing money, the thing the NFL fears the most would be losing it’s image. Which of course would result in losing money. Outside of hypocritically scolding it’s flamboyant players for ‘unsportsmanlike’ behavior, they have also been punishing players for being too rough on each other. This is the same company that put out ‘greatest hits’ tapes and television specials for years. And not for the price of a smile either. They profited (and still do) mightily from the carnage that is professional football. The accusations that the greatest sport in the nation was inflicting life long as well as life threatening conditions on its warriors was scoffed at for years by the NFL. They impudently feigned ignorance or understanding as to how such a thing could happen. That song and dance came to and end when they were brought before congress and presented with hard evidence of an emerging correlation between getting sacked 50 times and forgetting where you parked 50 seconds prior. They tried hard to not make getting hit by two-300lb men look dangerous. It was easier and cheaper to act stupid than to do research and offer assistance to the debilitated men who help build the NFL.

The reaction by the NFL was to water down the sport. Penalize during the game, and fine afterward, hits and scenarios they deemed ‘dangerous’. After all, as the leading whore for the 32 NFL owners, Roger Goodell loves to tell us how much they care about the players safety. They didn’t seem to care before they were taken to Capitol Hill, but they care now. Why? It’s because they have an image (money) to protect. I have been and still am pissed off that they are ‘sissy-fying the sport. But then I read that Dave Duerson committed suicide last week. He was 50 years old. A relatively successful business man post football. He was a two-time champion on the Bears and the Giants. I watched him play. He was on the 85′ Bears, so that automatically means he played damn hard. I guess it was too hard. He had been suffering from post concussion syndrome for years, just like a bunch of other ex-players. Besides forgetting if you just took a dump or not, you can also spiral into a clinical depression. This doesn’t mean that you are crazy or are losing you faculties. In fact, Dave sent a text to his family right before he blasted a hole in his own chest. The message instructed them was to take his brain and bring it center where they are doing research on football related brain injuries. Sounds like a man with a plan to me. Duerson was the third suicide by an ex-NFL player in recent memory.

Do I want people to keep offing themselves for my entertainment during a few months out of the year? No, not at all. The thing is, these guys are not forced to play. Never have been. It literally is an occupational hazard. So is getting shot in the face as a cop. So is getting burned alive for a fireman. So is sliding off of a mountain as an ice road trucker. There are negative aspects to just about everything in life. Hell even in football, for every guy suffering some debilitating symptom  you have hundreds of others living a normal life. Lawrence Taylor is so healthy, he had the faculties and stamina to fuck a 16-year old prostitute. AND, he remembered to put a condom on. That’s pretty good for a 12 year NFL veteran, who was also a coke head. Clearly different people are affected in different ways from head to head collisions. The thing I’m struggling with is in the next couple of months, we will have an American made space craft zooming over the planet Mercury. Hot ass, fast moving Mercury. Why? Because we want to know what’s there, and eat hands free Jiffy Pop. We already have one craft that has passed Jupiter and will reach Pluto in about 3 years. Yet we can’t seem to make equipment that will offer retired players the luxury of guaranteed meals without the aid of a monkey. This is just as unbelievable to me as the inability to mass produce a practical car, that doesn’t run on gasoline. I think the NFL will beat around the bush until it starts to lose fans (money). Or, someone can slam Goodell in the back of the head with a helmet. If he wakes up and can’t remember who’s ass he should be kissing, problem solved.


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