Nicki Minaj Again!!

Well we can also add Nicki Minaj to the growing list of celebs that have made a sex tape. An alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape is on its way, amid months of speculation after a leaked photo found its way onto the internet. The flick features a topless woman, resembling Minaj, with her signature jet black wig and bangs.

The folks over at reportedly screened the tape, which is being shopped for $100,000. No word as yet from Nicki on the tape.  If the sex tape is in fact proven to be valid, Minaj will join a line of musical counterparts who have found themselves in compromising positions while in the nude.

This is ridiculous,  girl will do anything for attention to make her career last longer ugh. First your ass brings you drama now you’re catching flack about reporters and interviewers saying you are wearing ass pads. Bitch in Detroit that’s a no no! Be happy with what you have. If not eat some more steak and potatoes, then get a tummy tuck. What a role model you are for our little girls…

Here is the list:

  • Lesbian nothing wrong with it but Nicki Minaj is exploiting it.
  • Sex Tape
  • Clothes and lyrics (Explicit for young girls)

Word of advice; stop dropping versus on so many other artist songs. That’s why your album was wack you ran out of shit to say. You are not Lil Wayne and you not the best, what you did was shine for about 20 minutes, but I can’t knock your hustle because you made it big before your album even dropped. What’s next…………

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