His Money Train Has Run Out!

Word on the street is, Nicki Minaj dumped Scaff Beezy her boyfriend/ hype-man.

Rumors of the two being together have circulated in the news for a while now. Nicki and SB never confirmed that they were in a relationship but after the incident where SB allegedly hit Nicki in the lip the rumour just might be true. According to MTO, Nicki has dumped SB and fired him from being her hype man. Last Friday Nicki had her security guards tell SB that his services was no longer needed and to leave the premises. The problem is, Safaree is living in Nicki’s L.A. condo and refuse to leave.

Well at this point she had no choice but to lose him, the same situation with Rhianna and Chris Brown. A choice she made in order to keep her career on track as well as satisfy her fans. I feel bad for Nicki only because she is a woman who was abused. If you take a good look at this dude; he was really just riding the band wagon for what it’s worth…


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