It’s been awhile since we’ve had a huge successful female rap artist under the same caliber like Missy Elliott, Eve and Lil Kim. Nicki Minaj, whom signed with YMCMB (Young Money/Cash Money Billionaires), seems like a breath of fresh air, especially since Weezy had done his job right and promote her music well. Just like the big hype about Drake, with Minaj also under Weezy’s belt, it’s no surprise how quickly she became an overnight hip hop sensation. A cross between Lil Kim and a Harajuku doll, Minaj has definitely been the one to turn heads with her attire or lack of. Aside from that, her first album Pink Friday with hits like “Your Love” and “Moment 4 Life” proved that her next future projects would be greatly anticipated. Her next album however I was a bit disappointed. Versatility is not something I am against, but I feel as though it should stick with someone who can work their way around it. “Beez in the Trap” categorizes her as a rap artist. But “Starships”? Not so much. This became true when she was highly criticized by Hot 97’s own Peter Rosenberg and Funkmaster Flex stating that the song “wasn’t real hip hop”. Looking at the “Starships” video reminds me of a bad sci fi film that just stepped foot on the Baywatch set filled with shapes and colors made to attract little kids. The song is considered entirely too pop for it to be considered a rap song. I wonder what reactions she would have gotten had she performed this for Hot 97’s 2012 Summer Jam. Nonetheless, Nicki Minaj has been put on a high pedestal from the start. So she will have to work hard to stay there, otherwise her career will only be short lived.

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