The highly anticipated Nicki Minaj album dropped on November 23, 2010 going Gold in her first week of sales. Not bad for a female rapper, but I thought from all the hype all gossip surrounding her she would surely go platinum lol sike. It took me three weeks literally no exaggeration of listening and listening until I finally heard three or four songs I was feeling understanding where she was coming from. For the rest of the album its like some outer space shit. Sometimes artist go way to far and she is definitely a great example of that. The song “Blazin” featuring Kanye West is hot and of course. You can definitely tell he put his hands as a producer on this track. “RomansRevenge” featuring Eminem is some bullshit depending on what type of music you wanna hear.. In an interview Nicki Minaj did she stated. “ I’m not talking about Lil Kim in the song “Romans Revenge”. Well bitch stop lying, you say something direct and then indirect like you throwing somebody off. If you scared go to church. Eminem is always hot no matter what, but Barbie be on some abc type shit.

This album was so over-rated you would think Jay Z was about to drop an album.. Overall rating is whack I like the remix tape better bitch go back to that. Many young girls listen to this album, no grown woman is about to ride around in their car and listen to this nor at home. She has all the little girls listening to her songs and wearing their hair like hers. But if I had a daughter she would never listen to Nicki Minaj with all the bi-sexual antics, plastic surgeries…. I cant believe she really tried to make her self look like a barbie can we say self – esteem problem. Not to mention on the Notarized Count Down on BET where she performed with Drake New Years Eve she called him her brother, her husband, and her friend can we say incest.. Watch what you say Nicki our little girls are watching and listening to your wretchedness…… Word of advice the colorful wig shit is so 90′s. What’s next?

Best Female Hip Hop Artist in order:

Lil Kim
Missy Elliott
Foxy Brown
Nicki Minaj
Diamond ATL
Jacki O

Just my opinion feel free to leave yours……..

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