nivea new albumSinger, songwriter and Baby Mama— Nivea is finally ready to get back in the studio and bring her fans what they’ve been asking for. “I am considering the ones who are interested in following my comeback—my musical journey, let’s do it!”
Nivea is known largely for her breakout single Don’t Mess with the Radio, which was followed up with hits: Don’t Mess with My Man, Laundromat, Ya Ya Ya and 25 Reasons.  Nivea travels down memory lane and takes her “L” as a Lesson and not a Loss.
“I separated from my ‘con-artist’ manager, and that’s while I was working on Complicated in ATL…I had gotten pregnant.  We [the DREAM and I] were about to get married so it was a big a$$ turn-off to the industry—they said, ‘you’re about to be wife’d up with a baby.’  And at the time Ciara was coming out so it was easy to just kick me to the side and so that’s pretty much what happened…”
After her ‘Complicated’ album, Nivea was dedicated to her family and her children.  After giving birth to their daughter, Navy— Nivea had twin boys—also by the Dream.  Although she loved her new role, the studio kept calling for her…
“We [the Dream and I] put out an independent record that was released in Japan.  And since ‘Complicated’ never really came out—well it came out but it wouldn’t play in people’s CD players—so it didn’t come out until years later on the internet.”
So fast-forward Nivea now has four kids, 3 by the dream and her youngest—Neal by Lil Wayne who is only 1 ½.  She talks about being amongst the other brood of mamas.
“All of his [Lil’ Wayne’s] sons get together and they either linkup and go home with Wayne or they’re in and out on the road or they’re at their Grandma Cita’s house.  So we are definitely making sure they spend time together and they love each other— as they should—it’s so cute.  Toya, Sara, Ms. Lauren and myself— are all very respectable women, we respect each other and we are not crazy—regardless of what it looks like.”
When asked if it was difficult dating in the music world, Nivea replies, “I’m dating, yeah.  But he’s not in the music industry thank you Lord! (laughs) It’s been a minute, and we are really good friends and that’s the most important thing.  But it ain’t no marriage and all this and that. This is my friend for life, and that’s the most important thing.”
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