The first heart warming story of the year. It has it all. It has struggle. It has perseverance. It has sex and violence. It has a family angle. The only thing missing is prison ass-rape. But that could be assumed. Yes, I will assume there was prison ass-rape.

Barbara Terry is a ho. No, I’m not slandering her character. She is a real live ho, hooker, prostitute, lady of the evening, congressional aid. The real deal. She was interviewed for a New York Times article because she is 52 years old and has been on the streets since she was 21. People are crying about job security and financial stability. Sucking dick for money has to be about the most secure gig you can have. Just ask Barbara. It’s recession proof. What does a guy who lost his job, all of his investments, and is at the lowest point in his life want? He wants his dick sucked. What does a guy who hit the lottery and is about to move to Rio want? He wants his dick sucked. And he can pay you more for it.

Barbara unfortunately didn’t meet the lottery winner because I suspect she would have retired a long time ago. But retirement is right around the corner for her. She plans to get off her feet . . . knees . . . back . . .  and head (for the kinky guys) in about a year or so. Don’t get her wrong. Barbara doesn’t necessarily like sucking random dirty, scruffy dicks. It certainly wasn’t her first career choice. She was trained to be a medical lab technician. But then she got “fucked” by a man for the first time at the age of 21. Her husband left her with their 4 kids. So, she had to go out and fuck other men to make up for being fucked by her husband. 30 years later, she is still fuckin and suckin. In that time she has put two of her four children through college and has bought a home upstate. All of this with the money of the husbands who’s wives wont suck their dicks. She thanks you wholeheartedly ladies.

She even got her 15 minutes of fame out of her career. She was one of the hookers featured on the HBO documentary “The Point”. Now for all of you women reading this who are ready to make a career move, I must be responsible and tell you about the down side of prostitution. Barbara has lost her teeth to diabetes. She has been arrested over 100 times and has lost fellow hooker friends to disease, abduction, and death. That being said ladies, there is a new years sale at the Sports Authority on knee pads. Make the investment in your future. Work on that gag reflex. Bulk order those crotchless panties. Penicillin comes in gummy bear chew-ables now. And if you want to reach for the stars, get into regular colonics. Anal pays big, but you won’t get any repeat customers if they leave with a shitty dick. Well, actually . . . .

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