Some people say Christians are ignorant, arrogant, delusional, hypocritical-assholes, suffering a group-psychotic episode. While that may or may not be ABSOLUTELY true, they seem to be very caring about all of us in their own twisted way. You know, saving our souls and all that bullshit. I’ve come to this conclusion because of all of the natural disasters occurring all over the world. Even though this has been going on since the dawn of man, it must be a clear sign of the end of days. Then there is all of the killing going on, all over the world. Even though men have been killing men from the dawn of man, this must certainly be a sign of the end of days. So, since the end is clearly here, the Christians want to make sure that we all get to heaven when the rapture begins. Even though they can’t agree on when the rapture will begin, because every year is the year that the world is going to end. But it’s the intent behind this that we should be focusing on, which is them trying to save our souls. I’m thankful for this personally. The reasons could have easily been something more ‘human’, like filling up the churches for a greater donation stash. Or drumming up business for a book whose copyright date, also happens to be the same year as the predicted end of the world. Yeah, thank God for that.

Let me tell you how the good-time-gang is desperately trying to save our miserable asses now. They are trying to push a bill into congress that will slyly try to undermine the removal of teaching creationism and ‘intelligent design’ from the school system. Apparently, as recently as 2005 they were trying to get another version of this bill into congress and it was shot down. They are back however, and have a new slippery term that they are trying to sneak across the border. They are posing a bill that will ‘encourage’ teachers to discuss the ‘strengths and weaknesses’ of the evolutionary theory. As a man of science, I myself don’t find anything particularly insidious about this idea. After all, any scientist will tell you that discussion and dissection of an idea or theory is critical to the scientific method. The problem is, the chief lobbyist of the bill is a man named David Fowler. Fowler is the head of the Family Action Council of Tennessee . Fowler is also associated with a group called ‘Christian Focus on the Family’. This group advocates for “biblical values” and “godly officials”. “Godly Officials”, sounds like something we need in the NFL, not in the classroom. Fowler also says that while the bill does not advocate the teaching of creationism in schools, it will protect any teacher who introduces the subject in his/her classroom. This is like a lawyer blurting out in court, that the defendant has a sex doll that looks like Hitler. It will be stricken from the record, but ‘Judge Judy’ already heard it.

This is my issue with these Christians and their religious teachings. GET YOUR FUCKIN STORY STRAIGHT!!! If the word of God is so beautiful, pure and right, why are there Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Anglicans, Baptists and all the other bullshit sects and factions of this one God whom you all suck the balls of? If you people want to teach about ‘God’, why are you stopping at Jesus? What about Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu, Oden, Zeus, and the other 674 gods between the Hindu’s and the Africans? If you want to discuss intelligently, the alternatives to evolution, then you have to invite all of these other guys to the party. But you won’t do that will you, you lying sacks of shit? That’s because your bill has nothing to do with critical thinking. It only has to do with prejudicial feeling. Just like it was while you were torturing the Jews and the Muslims during the inquisitions. Just like it was when you were castrating, raping and executing the blacks during slavery. I’m sure you Christians considered evolution while you were slicing open pregnant women . . . after you fucked them. Yeah, that sounds like what Jesus would do. Do yourselves a favor and drop to your sinful knees, and humble yourselves before your true creator, G$N&D#@CG. I have no idea how to spell an aliens name. I just know that when they return, they’ll learn ya’.


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