Tiger Woods may not be faithful to his wife, or his girlfriend, or his whores, but dammit he loves his country.

It appears that Tiger has fucked the Arabs the same way he fucked everything with nipples, but no nipple hair, on the planet. The ‘wood-man’ was given over $26,000,000 to design and promote a golf course in Dubai. Dubai is just like Vegas, but their dessert is a bit bigger. The golf course was to be 18 holes of Tigers imagination. This meant that sports writers and agents would surround each hole so that they wouldn’t know about the others. Tiger finished designing 6 of the agreed upon 18 holes when he and the developer extended the contract for another $26,000,000.

So tiger received, in advance, over 52-mill and apparently he wasn’t obligated to complete it. The extension was agreed up about a month before Leehman Brothers collapsed. That collapse started a global shock wave which subsequently dropped the property values in Dubai by about 50%. That was enough for Tiger to walk away from the project like it was a bitch that didn’t know her place. Look at the poor thing, all dug out and used. I’m sure it will be selling its story of it’s encounter with Tiger to TMZ soon. They like that type of insipid, dreck on their program.

But you know, much like some of Tiger’s bimbo’s, I kinda feel bad for the UAE. They put up a good front that they live in ‘boom-town’ and not just ‘kaboom-town’. For a while this was true, but not so much now. It seems that the region, much like the rest of the world , has been besieged by a downward turn in their economy. Many Arabs are tying their turbans down with linked-together Hefty twist-ties. According to a report, as early as 2009, Arabs have been hitting the airports as if Mel Gibson was doing a book signing there. The thing is though, they are leaving and not coming back. There are tons of luxury cars collecting dust in the airport parking lot because the owners were in debt up to their chest hair-line, with no means of escape. Eventually they had to make their escape or be thrown in jail with the rest of the infidels like the gays, the Jews, and Arthur Hoggett. So if you are looking for a really good deal on a Mercedes or 6 holes of golf, just head to Dubai and tell them Tiger sent ya, after he fucked you on the hood of his car. They’ll sympathize.

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