Normally I try not to revisit topics, particularly not within close proximity of each other. However, when I read something that just makes me shake my head, I’m compelled to construct a tirade. You may have read my love poem to media candy Charlie Sheen a few days ago. I’m personally not convinced Sheen is insane. Outside of being out of character and being far more colorful in his speech than normal, Sheen seems pretty lucid if you ask me. Forget the fact that I have been called less-than-sane myself. You have to listen to the content of what he’s saying and not necessarily the manner in which he is saying it. He is making coherent, if not justifiable points. And more importantly, he is making sly business decisions all along the way to his eventual hospitalization, if the media gets there way. In another interview he did, he spewed more ego-maniacal-hyper-mania rhetoric, that all of the so called experts have been babbling about on as many media outlets that Sheen has been on himself. The thing is that at the end of it he says “but in all seriousness . . . . “. How can you be out of your mind, hurling diatribe after diatribe and then pull back quickly and calmly and slide in an “in all seriousness”? That would lead one to believe he was not being serious in the first place. Kinda steps out of the box of hyper-mania doesn’t it? Gee, I wonder what that could mean?


Charlie Sheen broke the worlds record for acquiring over one-million Twitter followers in just over 24hours. He is seeking and/or has obtained contracts with companies to be paid for tweeting about them. He has set up a crappy internet reality show. He uses his now trademark lines, ‘Tiger Blood’ and ‘Winning’, purposefully, with clear marketing intent. And now I read that Sheens life will now be a comic book. Apparently when you claim to be a  warlock with Adonis DNA, someone will actually think you are super human and make a comic book out of your life. All of these things seem to be curious behavior for a man who is spinning out of control. And lets be clear, Sheen may not be in the most stable state of mind at this moment, but he seems far more in control of his life than theseleaching media scum will have you believe. The main reason for that is because crazy is far more profitable than just being a bit off.

For a moment, lets accept the projected image of Sheen as a ticking time bomb. Is that so important as to be the lead story on every news broadcast, tabloid headline, and late night monologue? Every wormy pseudo-therapist with a degree from Arizona State University is on television documenting twitch-by-twitch, how and why Sheen will erupt into a cloud cocaine and Fruit Loops. Of course every time they say the name Charlie Sheen, they get money shoved into their pockets so they can support their own drug habit. The sad thing about this is, for a country that claims to support the  idea of individual thought and ideas, they sure don’t like it when you go off script. And whatever you do, don’t tell the truth. Only crazy people tell the truth. That’s why no one ever gives a straight or unflattering answer in sports, entertainment, or politics. You’ll be laughed at, criticized, ostracized, and persecuted until you fall back in line and march to the beat of the drum. Not your drum, the drum. One can hope to be as lucky and as shrewd as Sheen, to milk the flouting of the system. I hope he makes everyone look like fools as he builds up an even heftier pile of money. You know, just in case he’s really nuts.


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