Whether he is rapping about Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift on “Tipsy Mood” or chronicling his life as he does on “My Story,” Ade brings his “A” game lyrically on every track; making “The Letterman” is an exceptional debut album. He does this by first choosing a beat that compliments his cadence and the mood of the song. This may seem beside the point, he is a rapper after all and doesn’t produce any of his music, but the beat choices reflect his self-confidence in his ability to rap. Instead of relying on over-produced instrumentals to prop his music up, Ade raps over beats that are more minimalistic, and focus the attention on what he is saying instead of what is going on in the background.

DJBooth.Net has developed a underground Hip Hop concert series at the legendary SOB’s in downtown Manhattan. The concerts have been very exciting and absolutely amazing to watch. The headliners are the whose who in the underground circuits, and their stage presents and performances are polished and very entertaining. These artist are very humble and they love engaging the crowd. DJBooth.Net collaborated with HipHopWorld.com on the Film production and of these events to provide their combined audiences an incredible experience. Join us for the ultimate underground concert series of the year.

Filmed, Edited, and additional tracks created by HipHopWorld.com

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin II

VP: Victor Flowers

Media Rep: France the UConn Connect

Consultant: All Purpose

DJBooth.Net Ceo: Dave Maci

About A. Griffin:
HIPHOPWORLD.COM is a Multi-Media Conglomerate, specializing in Internet Broadcasting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing, Music, and Film Production. Our mission is to provide the un-signed, ignored, and unknown talented artist the opportunity to succeed. We are a service provider for the Hip Hop World community. Hip Hop World will educate, prepare, promote, market, produce, film, and package new and existing artist. We will provide the resources, and platform giving artist the opportunity to enter the world stage.

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