Charlie O Charlie, you truly are gnarly

They never ever complained, about the puffs from Bob Marley

They criticize your looks, they criticize your sound

I really wouldn’t care if you slept in a wedding gown

Your words are infectious, they ring out so true

Whats wrong with you noting, that your producer’s a Jew

You’ve snorted, and sniffed, and smoked all types of drugs

While the skankiest of ho’s gave you blowjobs and ball- hugs

You’ve banged hookers and porn stars with the greatest of ease

Yet you walk among the masses, transmitting no venereal disease

Your show was a  hit, even though I never watched it

It put the second bulge in your pants, with millions stuffed in your pockets

I know your road was tough, by how you roughed up your wife

But with all the drugs you did, she’s lucky to still have her life

We now know why that is, how you spared her with your love

You can only attain that type strength, when you’re filled with “tigers blood”

You claim you are a warlock, I believe this to be true

How else can a 45 year old, look like he’s approaching 62

But to all the media and the others, who condemn you for your sinning

They’re all just sad and jealous, because they hate to see you ‘WINNING’


About Thecss:
I am THE CSS. Those of you who know me know that I am a man who says pretty much what is on his mind. At times I seem to have little regard for the thoughts or feelings of others. I have been labeled a robot, a monster, detached, and other unfavorable things in my short lifetime. Less than a handful however have ever queried as to why that might be. And to be quite fair, I haven’t extended an invitation to my “inner demons”. Well that is about to change. ... Read More..

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