Today we are on the verge of economic apocalypse, and being reduced to a 2nd world nation economically.   A country with no middle class, is the prerequisite to the decline into 3rd World conditions and the enslavement of a great people.

Based on the fraudalent policies, and deregulation bank & insurance company scams implemented by George H. Bush Jr. and the Republican party for 8 years (2000-2008), and 3 wars later! It was one of the largest money grabs, and economic thief’s implemented on the American people, and the world. For the sole purpose of ensuring the very rich, absolute control over our government, and people for another 3 generations.

In New York the insurance companies are not covering any of the losses suffered by the people who lost everything due to Hurricane Sandy, based on the facts that they don’t cover floods!  FEMA policies will not cover anyone who has home insurance, and in extreme cases, will cover a max of $31,000 in loses. Thats not much when the cost of your house was $400,000- $850,000, which is normal in New York for regular houses. Therefore Tri-State Americans have lost billions in properties, and valuables, and the insurance companies made billions in premiums, that they wont be paying out to Sandy’s victims.

I went to Far Rockaway & Long Beach to Volunteer for a relief organization, and the devastation was mind boggling, forcing tears from my eyes, real talk! All the sand from the beach was in the streets, with cars buried beneath, and a boat in the middle of the street a few feet away. The boardwalk is gone, finished, swept away, and thousands of people are homeless. They are still finding people dead that have been reported missing.

Corporations relocate all the manufacturing, and service jobs overseas for pennies on the dollars, than continue to raise our rates and cost on everything we purchase in the USA. Systematically bleeding us dry, and forcing us into further debt, in order to maintain our basic living condition. Whatever happened to made in America, well American corporations now have China Passports, and citizenships. Their new mantra is Made in China, India, Malaysia, anywhere but America! Lets take control of our government back from the Pac’s and Corporate America, and return it back to the people. Ban political Pac’s, and corporate donations and perks, given to politicians for influence peddling, and control. we need a new revolution, by voting these greedy blood sucking vampires out of office, and forcing the new to adhere to making America great again, by returning here to a time when being American & made in America meant everything!

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