Strollers, dirty diapers, and late night feedings may be in the works for Queen Latifah. Reportedly, the rapper-turned-movie-star is planning on having a baby with her rumored longtime girlfriend, physical trainer Jeanette Jenkins. A friend of the couple told the National Enquirer:

“Queen and Jeanette are incredibly happy with each other, and they want to start a family. A baby is their No. 1 priority and they’re considering all their options.”

The duo hasn’t yet determined who will carry the baby, but whether it’s the Queen, Jeanette, or a third party, the friend said they would be ecstatic either way:

“Surrogacy and adoption are two other possibilities. Neither one of them is hung up on where the baby comes from. They know they’re going to fall head over heels with their child however the baby comes to them. They both feel children are a blessing.”

The Queen has long talked about having children (she once told Parade magazine her 10-year plan included a couple of kids), but according to the friend:

“…It was only recently that Queen and Jeanette finally sat down and said to each other, ‘Yup, it’s time.’ As much as she loves kids, there was a time when Queen thought she’d never get to be called ‘Mommy’—but that was a long time ago—before she blossomed into a superstar. And now with Jeanette at her side, Queen’s never been happier. The only thing left to complete their lives is a child of their own.”

I couldn’t be happier for the Queen…I think she would make a phenomenal mother and wish her and Jeanette all the luck in the world!

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