HipHopWorld Proudly Presents: RAKIM “GOD MC”  When Sway from MTV, decided to do the top 10 MC’s years ago, I had one criteria in mind. Who is the MC that changed the Dynamic, and Direction of the Art Form. Who is the individual that forced the herd of MC’s in the world to change direction, and follow the leader.  It was apparent, and without question, there was only one Man that could receive this Honor RAKIM  ” The God MC” !  HipHop was some party nursery rhyme shit, with some social comments about conditions once in a blue moon,  for example “Melle Mel & the Furious Five: The Message” Than one day while at Def Jam’s office on Elizabeth street, in NYC, I heard “The Paid in Full album” that was being played in Russell Simmons office, cause they were putting together a tour, and deciding who would be on the roaster.  Everyone was mesmerized, it was a style no one had never heard before, and at that moment I knew HipHop would never be the same.

When I think of HipHop, it’s divided into two categories: Before RAKIM “The GOD MC” and After RAKIM “The GOD MC” !  Everything else is absolute bullshit..!  Before RAKIM, HipHop was some cool, funny, party, kind of soft urban, acceptable music for middle America..  Than RAKIM appeared with the teachings of the Five Percent Nation, knowledge of Self, real life hard body truth, from the Ghetto.. His swag was like Pharaoh in the Ten Commandments “Yul Bryner”, who was proclaimed as God on Earth in the form of a man, long before the concept of Jesus in Christianity.  Not to mention at all his shows he moved with a small army, of real niggas “No smiling, uncle tomming, no jokes, real guns, and hot women everywhere!”  His music was so dope, that he almost caused riots, because of the over crowding to see him perform. I remember, other MC’s watching his every move to imitate and copy some of the GOD MC  attributes.  Rakim groupies would do backflips at his concerts by the stage. I saw all this for myself, and I have never seen it repeated in Hip Hop again, NEVER EVER!  Back Than Jay Z was a corn ball, yes he was around, Run Dmc, was nursery rhymes, and they added a little gangsta to their stage show because of Rakim.  LL cool J was a lover, Public Enemy was Rebels against the Government and social conditions of blacks, whodini was party animals, Beastie Boys was Middle Class white kids that could Rapp, who stage show was girls in cages, and a penis that became bigger during the show, and climax and squirted at the end!   I was there, and I know for a fact, that the greatest MC of all time, has to be the Man that changed the direction of the Music Forever “RAKIM The GOD MC”

Real Talk, filming the Return of Rakim “The GOD MC” was on my Bucket List of things to do before I die. Mission Accomplished!



Created by: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Reporters: Jazmyne Amira & Najee Amir

Artist: RAKIM “GOD MC”

About A. Griffin:
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