OFWGKTA picturesAfter nearly causing a riot in Boston, Massachusetts, Odd Future stirred up more controversy at a show in Detroit, Michigan on May 16, 2011. During the performance at the Majestic Theatre, members of the crowd hurled two glass bottles at the stage. The group then threaten to end the show early if they kept winging the bottles, then another audience member threw another bottle after the warning, inciting Tyler, The Creator to take off his shirt and threaten the offender. Security escorted the thrower from the establishment, but the collective still left the stage early after about an hour on stage.Several members of the crew posted updates on their Twitter pages about the incident. “Detroit Was So Fucking Tight…Until The 3rd  Glass Bottle Almost Hit Us…Then Niggas Fired On Niggas….Then We Left…Still Cool Tho. Fuck,” wrote Tyler.

Who are they? A rap group made up of ten or so skateboard rats from L.A., ages 16 through 19 years of age. “Odd Future” is short for “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All,” which usually gets abbreviated as “OFWGKTA.” Their lyrics and controversial and psychotic according to sources and it looks like Detroit wasn’t feeling that shit and decided to throw bottles on stage where that usually means get outta here!!! Shout out to Odd Future for having the guts to come out and perform songs that could essentially get them hurt…

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