Hotlanta and Love and Hip Hop’s own Rasheeda, known as the Queen of Crunk has proven to her fans that she is all about the hustle. With five studio albums plus five mixtapes, the 39 year old rapper brings out the boss b**** with her previous hit “Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)” and now her latest track “Marry Me”. For those who have been keeping up with Love and Hip Hop, we really hope that Rasheeda will work on a major record label instead of the independent label she works with now. Now that in the most recent episode, where she questions her husband’s position (whom is her manager) in her music career we wonder if this will destroy the couple professionally and personally. One thing though is that we must respect her grind. Not many female rappers can say they have received this much success through an independent label. If I were to place my bet about what major label she should be with, I’d go for Def Jam South.

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